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Translate your website professionally, quickly and conveniently in line with ISO 17100

Business is often conducted locally.  We make sure your website speaks the right language.

Many studies have shown that a website with a local domain and in the language spoken in the country strengthens relationships and increases sales. Yet there is still a plethora of companies whose website is solely in English so as to cover all markets. This was probably because in the past it was both expensive and time-consuming to adapt the languages and localize all the text.

Do we have to translate the whole website?

Before translating your website content, you should perform a needs assessment. Should all the material be translated or are there parts that don’t need to be translated, such as old news? Should graphical information be translated and recreated in the target language? Other factors to think about before getting started on the translation are whether the website is ready to be converted into other languages (adaptation) and how content updates will be reproduced in translated versions. It is also extremely important to make sure that the original text is up to date before it is presented for translation, so you don’t find yourself making a great many minor adjustments later on.

Things to consider once you’ve decided to have your website translated

To translate a website, translators need to be experienced in marketing, highly competent in the specialist area and be familiar with the terminology used in your particular industry and company. Whether you are a pharmaceutical company, a law firm, or you work in the tourist industry, the terminology must be correct. The translated text must be of superior quality and optimized for search engines (SEO), so your website ranks high in the search results, for example, on Google.

Smooth translation process, whatever platform you used (CMS)

If you are translating a whole website, you don’t need to cut out all the text manually.  Simply convert the texts from your website to Excel, whether the text content is built in WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, TYPO3 or some other platform for websites. If you contact your web hosting company, they can help you.

We can translate website material

Our team has translated countless websites and other website materials, such as charts, tables, logos, and trademarks, with extensive experience in the area. Contact us via email if you’re looking for a translation agency which specializes in website content and has an excellent knowledge of marketing, terminology, and SEO.

The Native Translator is part of The Translator Group – a global communications and translation company with its registered headquarters in Switzerland. We are certified in accordance with ISO 17100, which represents a certificate of quality for translation agencies.

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