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Quality-assured translation and certified translation of documents and texts within the fields of law, finance, medicine, and technology.

Do you have a document you need translating? Perhaps an extract from your local or regional registry of companies? A court ruling? A marriage certificate? The Native Translator provides high quality translations and certified translations of all types of documents and texts. Our translators are university graduates with at least 5 years’ experience working full-time as a professional translator, and who always translate into their native language. This and our ISO 17100 quality certification is your assurance that the quality of the texts and documents we translate is always of a very high standard. Translators who translate specialized texts and documents within the fields of medicine, law, technology, or finance also have qualifications or vocational experience within the specialist area, which is a requirement for ensuring that you receive a quality translation of your document. Below are some of the types of documents we translate: birth certificates, estate inventories, court decisions, divorce decrees, marriage certificates, civil registration certificates or academic grades certificates and diplomas for further education, as well as technical documents, such as manuals, medical texts and documents, e.g. dissertations, articles, etc.

Do you need a certified translation of your document?

A certified translation of a document is carried out by a certified translator. A certified translator has been approved following an assessment or exam by an authority or organisation. The translator uses a personal stamp to certify the translation, or a written declaration is provided with the document - the procedure varies depending on the country. A certified translation of a document may be needed if the translation is to be used in an official context, such as an application to a university abroad, an estate inventory, a visa application or in a legal process.

Quality-assured translation of documents into 100+ languages

The Native Translator is certified according to the ISO 17100 quality standard. Our work procedures are inspected every two years by an internationally recognized certification body to ensure we are meeting the requirements of our certification which, of course, provides total assurance to our clients. The quality of our translations is a top priority for us and, as one of the world’s leading translation agencies, we are able to work with the best translators in the sector.

Indisputable confidentiality

We frequently handle large volumes of highly sensitive information and are very careful to ensure strict confidentiality.

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The Native Translator is a technical translation agency certified to ISO 17100, specialized in providing high quality specialist translations of documents directly online.

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