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Corporate agreement 

Corporations and authorities which use our translation services regularly can benefit from an agreement with many advantages! This also helps us create effective and successful collaboration.

What does a corporate agreement encompass?

Corporate customers with a corporate agreement can upload documents directly into our Translation Management System. The finished translations can also be downloaded from there. It means that the entire translation process becomes simpler, clearer, and safer. Please feel free to contact your project manager with any queries! Under the corporate agreement, no information is sent via email, which ensures that your information is secure.  This is very important to us! In addition, we create a ”termbase“ for you. As a result, we can translate your texts with the same high quality, while maintaining the correct terminology for your business.

Certified quality

Clear communication - regardless of language - is critical to the success of your business. A bad translation can create a negative impression of your business. It is crucial that your communication maintains the highest level of quality from start to finish. The Translator Group is certified according to European and North American standards to guarantee optimal results.

The Benefits of Corporate Agreements

  • A simple process
  • Cost savings
  • Better data security
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Monthly invoicing instead of advance billing
  • A personal contact person who is familiar with your business

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