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Certified translation and specialized translation within the fields of law, finance, medicine, and technology into and from Greek.

Professional translation from English into Greek and Greek into English, as well as between Greek and over 30 other language pairs. You can order a quality-assured Greek translation directly online.

The Native Translator is an ISO 17100 certified translation agency, specialized in certified translation and specialized translation from English, and other languages, into Greek and Greek into English as well as into other languages. Our priority is quality, and we observe stringent requirements, so we can guarantee that our Greek translations meet very high-quality standards. Our translators are university graduates with many years’ experience working as a professional translator and who, of course, only translate into their native language.

We translate most types of documents and texts into and from Greek

We typically translate all types of documents and texts from English into Greek and from Greek into English, as well as into over 30 other languages, such as French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish etc. We can help you with both a high-quality, specialized translation and a certified translation into and from Greek. We translate legal texts such as contracts and agreements, court records, school certificates, registration certificates, driver’s licenses, medical texts, medical research studies, medical records, press releases, technical manuals, web texts, etc. 

Certified translation of documents into and from Greek

We provide certified translations of documents from English into Greek and Greek into English, as well as into and from 30 other language pairs, and you can order your translation directly online. We translate business plans, financial reports, contracts and agreements, school certificates, court rulings, civil registration certificates, bank statements and more. Where possible, we use translators certified in the country in which the translation is to be used. A translation into Greek is always done by a translator certified in Greece. The reason for this is so that our clients never have a problem with getting their translations accepted. Our certified translations into Greek are always legalized in Greece and therefore accepted by the Greek authorities, banks, schools, universities etc.

Specialized translation of texts and documents into and from Greek

A specialized translation means the translator needs particular expertise, for example, to translate a medical record the translator needs medical expertise. The same applies to the translation of legal documents, as this places very heavy demands on a translator's ability not only to translate a text into another language, but also to understand the legal process, cultural differences and terminology in depth. The role of the legal translator is to render documents such that they are understood by a reader in another legal system, which places a heavy burden on the translator's understanding of the legal systems in the countries where the languages they translate into or from are spoken.

Confidentiality with certainty

We handle a great deal of highly confidential information, so it goes without saying that all assignments are treated with the strictest confidentiality.

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Upload your document directly into our translation portal  and, in less than a minute, you will receive a direct reply with a price and expected delivery date for a translation into or from Greek. You can order the translation and pay by credit card directly online. We accept Amex, Diners, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

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The Native Translator is a translation agency certified according to ISO 17100, specializing in providing high-quality, certified translations into and from Greek directly online.

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