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Certified translation and specialized translation into and from French

Professional translation from French into English and English into French, as well as between French and 30 other language pairs. ISO 17100 certified translation agency for translation into and from French.

You can order a professional translation to and from French here. We provide both certified translation and high-quality, specialized translation within the fields of law, economics, medicine and technology, into and from French. Simply select the source language and target language and receive a quote in less than a minute. 

We translate all types of documents into and from French

We typically translate all types of documents from English into French and French into English, as well as between French and over 30 other language pairs. The specialized, certified translation into and from French of school certificates, court rulings, birth certificates, legal texts, contracts and agreements, medical texts, medical studies, medical records, technical manuals, press releases, registration certificates, marketing texts, court records, web texts, etc., are all examples of the type of documents we translate. Our clients include companies, government authorities and private individuals.

What skills do our translators have?

We only work with university graduates with expertise in the specialist area they translate in.  In addition, they only translate into their native tongue. They are experts in their subject and are familiar with the terminology. Our translators are industry specialists and make sure your text is appropriate for the market in which it is to be published, be it a medical text, legal document, or technical installation manual.

The native-language principle is a quality requirement

The native-language principle is one of the cornerstones and a quality requirement when it comes to professional French translation. The principle states that a translator must only translate into their native language. A native French speaker translates into French, a native English speaker translates into English, and so on. To be considered a native speaker, the translator must have grown up in and completed their education in a country where their native language is the official language.

Quality-assured translation according to ISO 17100

We have held quality certification since 2011, and as of 2015 according to the new ISO standard, ISO 17100. Being ISO certified means that we have invested our finances and significant effort into documenting and verifying all our procedures, from the requirements placed on translators and their recruitment to ensuring the quality of every translation that we produce. For example, we only use professional, full-time university graduate translators who specialize in the subject area they translate in. All translations are proofread by a second translator with the same qualifications as the first translator. Compliance with the established criteria for the certification is regularly inspected by the professional entity that certified us. As a certified translation agency for French, we also provide quality assurance with the translations we produce.

What does a translation cost?

Upload your document directly into our translation portal and, in less than a minute, you will receive a direct reply with a price and expected delivery date for a French translation. You can order the translation and pay by credit card directly online. We accept Amex, Diners, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

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The Native Translator is a translation agency certified according to ISO 17100, specializing in providing high-quality, certified translations into and from French directly online.

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